October 03, 2017

#Launchpad The Lowdown on Launchpad 2017

By Tyanna Dale Graduate Account Executive

Tyanna Dale

Tyanna Dale

Graduate Account Executive

The skills it requires are the willingness to learn and to have a great work ethic.

In the last couple of weeks, we have welcomed our next round of Launchpad members. Over the next month or so they will each be sharing their experiences on being part of the 2017 Launchpad scheme. First up we hear from Tyanna Dale who is has started off her rotation in the TED team.

Our first week at Maxus is complete and what an exciting time it is to be in Media. It was just a few months ago that we were invited to the Maxus offices for a day of presentations and fun, yet challenging, group tasks in a bid to join this amazing scheme. We are finally here and ready to embark upon our journey as Maxus Launchpadders.

The scheme will take us through several rotations around the agency where we will have the opportunity to gain a real 3600 view of how a media agency operates. We have been assigned both a mentor and a buddy to offer full support throughout the scheme. This will help assist in our personal development but also for those questions we always want to ask but shy away from.

A week in and we have already visited some of the major media owners across display and social such as Clear Channel, Twitter and Snapchat. We also had a tour of the offices that are home to all the radio stations we know and love, my personal favourite being Capital Xtra. The highlights for me have been learning about how companies collect our data, winning a snapchat tote bag and being invited to my first agency party.

Everyone on the scheme comes from different backgrounds, however the one thing we all have in common, is the desire to be a part of a dynamic and forward thinking company who are willing to invest to mould us into future leaders. We have been welcomed with open arms by everyone at Maxus and my fellow Launchpadders and I already feel part of the family.

The media industry is an exciting place to be and this really is a huge opportunity. I feel the skills it requires are the willingness to learn and to have a great work ethic. For anyone wanting to join, don’t worry too much about not having had experience within the industry, the idea of Launchpad is that it gives you the skills required to become a rising star within the agency.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my experiences throughout the team rotations with #LaunchpadLowdown, but for now, let the games begin!